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 CM Photography


“I like when you give me attitude,”  Jose, the photographer said. “You are little miss diva.”  That pretty much set the tone for the whole shoot. There I was, in Central Park in 100 degree weather wearing a leather skirt and red hot Louboutin heels. Even if I’m the class clown I can play a diva, afterall, as a fashion stylist I’ve worked with enough models to know how to do the “hungry model face.”

There are so many things I love about this look. The first, of course, are the to-die-for red satin Louboutin heels from a few seasons ago. Every time I wear them people cannot stop looking at my feet. “Hello!” I say, “eyes up here!” Once, a girl walked by me and just said: “Oh my God, shoes!” I cracked up ’cause I was reminded of this video.  I’m not a big plaid fan (it’s very Brooklyn!) but it was love at first sight when I spotted this Zara shirt. You know I’m all about studs and bling bling nowadays. The leather skirt you’ve seen before here and the necklace you’ve spotted here and here. After months of looking for a piece like this I found it at Afaze and it was onky $8! I’ve worn it so much the color it’s starting to fade :(



Shirt: Zara.

Skirt: H&M.

Bustier: Necessary Clothing.

Necklace: Afaze.

Shoes: Christian Louboutin.

Ring: H&M.

Bracelet: Wholesalers.

Sunglasses: ALDO.


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  14. Barbara

    August 21, 2012 at 10:23 PM

    Those shoes are so hot they should be illegal LOL!

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