Last Days of Summer

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Aminta1Photos by Beto Ramos

With Labor Day marking the end of Summer, I thought it fit to share with you one of the last pictures I took this season. I share these with a teary eye, because I really love warm weather. This year will be my 4th winter in New York (and probably the 5th or 6th time winter I’ve seen) and I just don’t see myself getting used to the cold any time soon.

A little about this outfit. I’m actually wearing underwear! (Shhhh, don’t tell my dad). The bottom is shapewear, but it totally doubles as a bathing suit because of the fabric; the top is a bra I found at a store in Harlem, but what’s the point of having such a cute bra if you don’t show it off? You can see similar items below! These bras are HOT! It’s always fun for me to do take these kind of pictures, because it allows me to be creative with my makeup, my wardrobe, and my poses- I also get to dance! I woke up that day and I texted Beto, photographer friend extraordinaire, saying “I want to make art!” and art we made.

Farewell, summer! Can’t wait to see you next year!







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