Kiss me, Lolita.

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Photo by Raisa

For this look I was going for pseudo-naughty schoolgirl (trust me, I can definitely do 100% naughty schoolgirl; after all, I was one!) This romper reminded me of my all-girl, Catholic uniform. Granted, we had a skirt + shirt combo, but for the rest of my days navy blue = school uniform.

No naughty youngster look would be complete without the Lolita glasses. I bought them for $3 from a street vendor in SoHo and wore them during day 1 and day 2 of Coachella. If you have not read Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita then you must at least watch the original movie. See the trailer here and read a summary here. The pin is from Vogue’s September 2011 issue, featuring Kate Moss’ wedding. The editorial was called “Kiss Me, Kate.” And that’s how “Kiss Me, Lolita” was born.



Oh no! Did I forget my shoes again?

Failed attempt at a jump

Romper, Alythea, available at Necessary Clothing.

Shoes, Gianni Bini, available at Dillards.

Tights, American Apparel


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