KISS Instawave. My honest review.

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I have to be honest, when I first received the KISS InstaWave automatic curler for a review I wasn’t sold. It’s human nature to reject change, and I’ve been curling my hair with a curling iron for years, so of course, my first thought was something along the lines of: “Oh, I don’t know about this.”

Like with everything else, it took me a few tries before I could get the KISS InstaWave to work just right, and today, as I was filming the video  something finally clicked- I think I like this product! It took me about half the time it takes me curl my hair with a normal curling iron, and it left me with really pretty curls. But my verdict is not final; perhaps in a few days I’ll go back to my trusty curling iron, or perhaps I’ll be an InstaWave girl all the way!

First impression. Plugged in the KISS InstaWave and heard a high pitch sound coming from it; I hadn’t even turned it on and it was already screeching at me. I found out that this is a problem with a circuit, and in no way should be a safety concern. Still, the noise was very much a turn off.

Kiss InstaWave 101. The InstaWave has two heat settings (low/high) and it goes up to 420 degree. It also has a dial that allows you to curl your hair either to the right or to the left, which makes it easy for a righty or a lefty to use.

On curling. I had fun trying to figure out which way to press the button to create my curls. One thing that slowed me down was having to place the hair behind the iron, but the more I used it the less I had to think about it, until it came naturally. Still, in the video you can see me second-guessing myself a couple of times. I also found it didn’t curl well at all in my shorter layers, like my bangs. I had to help the hair, so to speak, completely surround the curling iron, and I had to place it really close to my scalp, which was also a bit scary because I found really really quickly that if you use it close to your scalp your hair will tangle. You can also see me at the beginning of the video making a face because of tangled hair.

Final thoughts. This is a very good tool for someone who doesn’t have much experience with curling hair.The KISS InstaWave takes the guessing out of figuring out which way to curl your hair. I don’t recommend the InstaWave if you have short hair because a) the iron is too big and b) even if you are able to get a curl going it will probably be straight in a few hours.

In the U.S., you can find the InstaWave on Amazon, Ulta, and Target.

What is your experience with the KISS InstaWave?

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