How to wear Tights this Winter.

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How to wear tightsSee the look! –> The Cheetah Cardigan


This one goes out to Sara, who asked me via Twitter to write a post on how to wear tights.  If there’s anything you want me to cover here all you gotta do is Tweet at me! You know this blog is for you! <3

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Tights go all the way up, covering the butt. First of all, you must ALWAYS wear underwear with tights. I like to wear my undies first followed by the tights. There are also tights that go only until the thigh, these are called thigh-highs. They’re a lot sexier than regular tights, and some women wear them underneath their pants to keep warm during the winter. I gave this a try, but my butt was still cold, so I just use regular panty hose. Depending on how cold I am, I’ve been known to layer my tights- I’ve worn up to three pairs at a time! I know it sounds crazy, but remember I come from warm weather, and my tights layering system works for me! I also own some fleece-lined tights, and some knit tights, but I don’t find those very sexy.

Aminta Cold5See the look! –> Baby, is cold in here!


The color/design of the tights you’ll buy will depend on your figure. I’m a pear shape, or triangle, meaning my lower half is bigger than my upper body, so I try to keep the attention on my top half. In my case, crazy tights are a nono. If your legs are on the thicker side, like mine, is better to use solid colors- the darker the better. Black is always a slimming option, but navy or burgundy always work too. The problem with thick tighs is that designs always stretch. I bought leopard print tights and they looked amazing around my calves, but as they reached my upper thighs they looked more and more like cellulite. If you have slimmer legs you’re in look: anything goes! My only recommendation is to keep the rest of your outfit simple if you’re gonna go with crazy tights. You can never go wrong with black tights.

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What to wear with my tights?

Personally, I don’t mind tights and sandals, but I admit I’m a little bit out there. Wear your tights with boots, booties or closed-toe shoes. If you want your legs to look suuuuuuuuper long, wear black tights and black heels. As a matter of fact, this eleongating effect work with any color. Check me out here wearing some purple tights. Fun!

How do you like to wear your tights?

How to wear tightsSee the look! –> Charlotte Russe + StyleSays + C&F!

 See some way I’ve styled tights:

leather shortsWith leather shorts

red coatWith a red coat

Johan KuWith a mini dress

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