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Do you know how to style a statement necklace? No look is complete without some form of adornment.  I really like statement necklaces because they jazz up any outfit in just a few seconds. If you need more picture proof, check out my tips for spicing up your outfits in 5 simple steps. Here are some simple tips as to what necklaces go well with what. Take into consideration your shirt’s collar, and never forget that if you have on a statement necklace, you have to keep the rest of your jewelry really demure. It took me some time to learn that.

fashion bloggerBecause I’m a fashion blogger.

Statement necklaces looks best with higher collars, like crew necks, or even a turtle neck. These are a great way to glam up a t-shirt; no matter how rude it is.

amazeballs necklaceThe Amazeballs necklace

A V-neck shirt will look best with a pendant necklace, or forgo a necklace completely, and focus on statement earrings. A really deep V-neck looks good with a shorter necklace.

Aminta Red Leather2.jpgRed Leather

Lower cuts, like scoop necks, look good with longer necklaces, or pendants. Or one giant necklace, that covers most of your naked skin.

Aminta LSS6.jpgLove Stories Suck

A slowly fading trend, though not completely extinguished, is the buttoned up shirt, buttoned all the way up with a statement necklace.

Aminta African Queen6.jpgAfrican Queen

A strapless dress or top looks good with any necklace that hits in the middle of your bare chest.

Aminta Red Shoes4.jpgThe Red Shoes

When wearing a button-down shirt, you can leave 2-3 buttons of a button-up shirt opened and wear a statement necklace underneath…

Aminta Denim10Denim on denim

…or you can wear it underneath the back of your collar.

Aminta necklace.jpgAn interview with 3Seven&8

Choose a color that compliments your skin tone, since certain colors next to your face will make you look washed out. The colors change depending on the person’s skin, eye, and hair color. Read more on the psychology of color here.

Aminta After the Rain sosexy.jpgAfter the Rain, but this pic can be found in Never Before Seen.

Have fun with your accessories! There’s more to jewelry than silver and gold. Get some fun color to spice up any old outfit!


How to style a statement necklace, you ask? Here are some ideas:

Aminta Louboutin Ferragamo19.jpgLouboutin meets Ferragamo

Aminta Blogger Dinner5.jpgFashion Week Diary

Aminta Michael Jackson11.jpgRoar!



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