How to spice up your outfit in 5 simple steps

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spice up your outfit

Sometimes all you need is a simple dressing formula that works every time. This is my go-to formula for getting dressed without burning too many neurons. You start with three basic items and add on a few more things, depending on how dressed up you want to look. This works every time (I guarantee it or your money back!) and the best part? You can get dressed in less than 10 minutes! Give it a try!

spice up your outfit

1. Start up with your basics. Your curve-hugging jeans (you’ve seen me rock these before here), and a simple tank. Any color you prefer. Here I’m wearing boots because we’re in the middle of winter, but any flats would do.

spice up your outfit2. Add a statement necklace. Doesn’t this look immediately more put together? All it takes is two seconds. I’m a big fan of big necklaces because you can keep the rest of the look simple and it still looks like you made an effort to dress up.

spice up your outfitI really like this necklace from Madonna’s line, Material Girl. I also have it neon yellow. You’ve seen me wear it here.

Aminta Spice up your outfit5.jpg3. Add a blazer or jacket. I’m a firm believer that no outfit is complete without a jacket. I learned that when I moved to NYC. If you’ve put on your big necklace, and your blazer, you have my seal of approval to leave the house now. This is a perfect, laid-back outfit that didn’t take much time to put together, yet it looks like you put a some thought into it. If you want to take things up a notch keep scrolling down.


spice up your outfit4. Add more jewelry. I don’t like to wear big earrings when I’m wearing a statement necklace- but I’ve been known to pile on some bangles at the same time. I admit I’ve gone a big overboard sometimes, though, but I think this looks good. No?

spice up your outfitI love black and gold!

spice up your outfit5. Add heels. You know I’m a big fan of high heels, the higher the better! They just make your legs look like they go on forever, don’t they? If you’re going out at night to dinner with your girlfriends, or grabbing a drink with a guy you’re trying to impress, this is the perfect, simplest outfit (sans the leopard blazer, guys don’t get leopard).

See me rock this jeans + necklace + jacket + heels formula here:

Aminta LES6Say hello to my furry friend

Aminta After the Rain22.jpgAfter the rain

betoramosphotography2012080401 (10)And it was all yellow…

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