How to make high heels more comfortable.

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Tips to make your high heels more comfortable. I love heels, the higher, the better. Even though I wear them a lot, I still suffer with some of them. I have a few tips and tricks, however, that I believe will help you make high heels more comfortable.


– You can buy shoes online, but buying in-store will ensure you find the best heel for your.

– Get the right size. This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. I shouldn’t say this, but for the love of shoes, I will. Sigh. It’s better for the shoe to be bigger (wear them with insoles or thick socks) than tights. But it’s BEST if it fits right.

– Shoe size changes as the years ago by, so don’t be surprised if your feet have grown, or shrunk in the past five years.

High heels, Dolce VitaDolce Vita Oaklee,  Dolce Vita Graysen. Photos courtesy of

– Rounder shoes are more comfortable than pointy toes.

– Consider the thickness of the heel. Usually, the thicker it is, the more support you will get.

– Also consider the position of the heel. It should be right beneath your heel bone, and not behind it.

– Look for a platform. Sky-high heels need a platform, rather than a thin sole.

– Try on both shoes and walk around for a bit. Be honest with yourself- if they’re uncomfortable now, they will be uncomfortable later.

– Higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality, but sometimes, it does. I love a good deal as much as the next girl, but cheaper shoes usually mean cheaper materials (read, plastic), which may end up damaging your feet in the long run. Take this into consideration to make your high heels more comfortable.


– Read my previous post on how to break in shoes.

– To make high heels more comfortable I recommend getting gel insoles, like these from Dr. Scholl’s, which offer full support.

– If you suffer from the most pain on the ball of your foot, you can get smaller insoles, like these, also from Dr. Scholl’s.

– Bring backup. You can buy foldable shoes, which you can easily store in your purse. I like these cheapie ones, from kushyfoot,or fancier ones, like these from Yosi Samra.

Dr SchollsPhoto courtesy of Laura Lily


– Congrats on spending all this time with your full body weight at the front of your feet! Now is time to pamper your feet!

– Stretch your feet, point and flex.

– Wear these funny devices to help avoid hammer toes, and relieve some of the pressure from being on your toes for hours. Those toe separators you wear when you get pedis will do the trick as well.

– Give yourself a foot rub with lotion.

– To help circulation and swelling, lift your legs up high against the wall, and hold that position for five minutes. Relax. I do this every night before bed- really helps circulation, which can help avoid painful spider veins in the future!

Hopefully you fond some of these tips helpful! Do you have any other tricks to make your high heels more comfortable?

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