How to Look Good in the Rain

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1. Know your hair. As soon as there’s a hint of rain in the air my hair turns into the tail of a poodle. I’ve tried using extra hair spray, a curling iron, gel…nothing works. So when it rains I just put my hair up in a bun or a pony tail and I don’t have to worry about it all day. I say this is the safest bet, ladies. Depending on your hair some gel or texturizing spray may be needed.

2. Pick your makeup. Waterproof is key. Avoid raccoon eyes and runny mascara. Get a long-lasting lipstick and don’t be afraid to wear more blush than usual. If the day is gray and you’re feeling gray try some red lipstick for an instant pick me up. I like Rouge in Love by Lancôme.

3. Get the look. Try to avoid wearing white when it’s raining as it can be see-through when wet. A trench coat is a nice way to keep your clothes dry. If you live somewhere colder you’re going to need a thicker, waterproof coat. I like the coats with hoodies to help keep your hair and head dry, and provide extra warmth. Keep in mind that synthetic fabrics, like polyester, dry faster than natural fibers, like cotton.

4. Get the shoes. Don’t wear leather or suede unless you want your shoes to be ruined. Rubber boots of wellies are a great way to spice up your outfit. I have some plain black ones to go with almost anything, but I love seeing pops of colors during rainy days. If  it rains during the week you could even bring an extra pair of shoes in your bag to change into when you get to the office.

5. Bring your umbrella. Black is the uniform of umbrellas. Carry a bright one and you’ll make everyone’s day a little brighter. Or maybe they’ll just think you’re obnoxious. It’s still a risk worth taking.

6. And the bag. Water ruins leather, but at least it doesn’t let water through like canvas does. Buy a spray waterproof to protect your leather bags and shoes from the rain.

What else do you like to wear when it’s raining?

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