How to Break in Shoes

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Aminta BreakingShoes1Charlotte Russe shoes here. Bamboo shoes here.


This is what’s happening right now. I’m wearing black and white fleece pajama bottoms, an old t-shirt which I believe came from a Walmart clearance rack and reads “I love Me” and a black fleece sweater. I’m not wearing any makeup, I haven’t even ran my fingers through my hair. It’s starting to get dark outside and I’m obviously not going anywhere for a while. I have on my feet a pair of too-small brown suede booties with studs in the back (which you’ve seen on my instagram!). What’s with the stranger combo, you ask? I’m trying to break in my shoes, and in my effort I’m scratching not only myself, but my dining room furniture. Darn studs.

I’m trying to keep Tuesdays Shoesdays going, so I’m just going to blurt out everything I know about breaking in shoes! So you better, clicky clicky, ’cause these shoes are making me grumpy!


Aminta shoes here. Steve Madden shoes here


– When buying shoes getting the right size is of the utmost importance. If your size is not available it’s better to go with a bigger one, rather than a smaller one.

– If your shoes are too large you can get some insoles (like this one), or if it’s an emergency and you can’t find any, a good old, clean menstrual pad will work wonders, and also give you a little extra cushion.

– Another option for too-large shoes is wearing thicker socks. This works best with closed shoes, like booties, instead of sandals. Although if you’re into the whole socks-with-sandals look then knock yourself out! I’m a big fan, btw.

– If your shoes are too tight you run the risk of deforming your feet over time, refer to this old post on the dangers of wearing heels. However, I myself have been guilty of buying too-tight shoes, so I understand you, sister.

– To help loosen up those small shoes rub a wet cotton ball on the INSIDE of the shoe in the part where it’s bothering you most. Wear them immediately so they’ll get used to your shape while still moist. I’ve heard rubbing alcohol works but I’ve never tried this method myself

– Brand new soles are usually slippery. Get some sand paper and sand away to avoid falling on your butt in public.

– Never wear brand new shoes to an event. Never, never, ever. Wear them at home for a few days first. You need to know what to expect and this way they’ll feel more comfortable!

Do you have any other tricks for breaking in your shoes?


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  2. Ayoush

    January 16, 2013 at 3:22 AM

    Thanks! I will try it…

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