Holiday Gift Guide 2014. Women Stocking Stuffers

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Gift Guide 2014- women stocking stuffers. An American tradition I really like is the stockings. We don’t have stockings in Venezuela, but why not get little pretty presents in a pretty, decorated giant sock? I love the idea of getting your girlfriends little gifts, to thank them for being so fabulous!

I think the best way to go about stocking stuffers is purchasing gift sets, then splitting them up amongst your main girls. I know the commonly used word in this case is bitches, main bitches; but I think the B word sucks and is not empowering women at all. Besides, I don’t hang out with bitches, I hang out with ladies. Anyways, below please find my suggestions for women stocking stuffers! All links are clickable, so even if they don’t come out pink (silly WordPress!) all you gotta do is click and shop away!

Stocking StuffersFlash Tattoos. Sephora, $22

Flash tattoos are all the rage now. You can either give each of your girls one sheet of tattoos, or you can even go ahead and cut them up and divide them, and get the most bang for your buck!

Women stocking stuffersGlitter over-the-knee socks, Missguided $7.58

Nobody likes to get socks for Christmas…except for this fab metallic ones! These over-the-knee pair can be worn alone, as pictured, or even on top of matte black tights. These are perfect for holiday parties!

women stocking stuffersMultipack Touch Screen Compatible Knit Gloves, Target $9

A more practical gift, if you live in cold weather you absolutely need gloves that are touch-screen compatible. Otherwise how are you supposed to text outdoors?

Screenshot 2014-11-17 13.20.2912-Piece Travel Size Body Wash Gift Set, Molton Brown $50

Yummy smelling body washes for 12 of your closest friends! This is the most expensive item on this gift guide, but if you divide 50÷ 12 = 4.16 then each of these washes is less than $5! Don’t you just love math when it works in your favor?

Stocking StufferKat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set, Sephora, $39

Everybody loves a good lipstick! This pretty studded gift set by Kat Von D can be split among your friends. Pink for the happy one, purple for the creative one, red for the vixen…you get the idea! Be sure to keep one (or two, I won’t tell) for yourself!

Below are some more women stocking stuffers ideas!

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