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Aminta IriarteArticle by Liseth Perez- Almeida/EDLP


OK, I’m not really that famous- but I am in the Sunday paper, that’s gotta count for something! If you aren’t following me on Instagram (why aren’t you following me on Instagram? @amintair), you haven’t heard the news. The newspaper El Diario featured me and 4 other Latina fashionistas from the NYC in an article titled “They are your personal stylists.” You can find the online article by clicking the press section up in the menu, where you can also see other places where the blog and I have been featured.

I translated the little note below:

“Aminta Iriarte is a young Venezuelan woman who started her blog “Clothes and Fashion” (www.clothesandfashion.net) in 2010 to, according to her ’empty my brain of all the fashion and style information it had, to share it with my friends, or any other girl who needed my help.’

Her move to New York, after abandoning Venezuela and later Florida, she says is a dream come true because this is the city where she always wanted to live, and which serves as a backdrop to the photos that are the highlight or her site, which she assures us help her stand out among other bloggers.

‘I think the photography is what makes my blog different from the rest. Many other bloggers have their moms, boyfriends, etc., as photographers, but I have a team or two professional photographers, both Mexicans and very talented, and together we put a lot of effort into taking beautiful photos,’ says the journalist, who is also a personal shopper and fashion stylist.

She also says the success of her blog is because is bilingual. ‘Once I incorporated the translation into my blog my traffic doubled, and now I have Spanish-speaking readers from Mexico to Argentina.’ Aminta also has a web show in Spanish with Yahoo de Moda, called ‘Shopaholics.’

When we asked her about the Spring trends she’s looking forward to the most, she said to be excited about the color of the year: orchid.

‘Is a color that enchants me, and that looks very good on us girls with toasted skin.'”

El Diario La Prensa

1 Comment

  1. Armando

    February 15, 2014 at 10:32 PM

    Just catching up on your blog and reading this for the first time , , , congratulations on getting this excellent write-up! Kudos to your publicist as well! And who are you kidding??? We all know you became famous last year when you were strutin’ your stuff on the red carpet! :)

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