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Photos by Beto Ramos


The hipsters live below 14th st. There’s been some debate among my friends about whether or not I’m a hipster. I deny it. But one part of being a hipster is never admitting you are one. Just like crazy people don’t know they’re crazy, hipsters don’t know they’re hipsters, so now I’m confused. I thought I’d be able to get away with wearing these leather shorts and knee-high sock around 7th St., hispter turf (my turf?), but turns out those hipsters love judging others. I got lots of nasty stares from those plaid-wearing, ironic mustache-rocking, thick-frame-glass-donning beings. I just flipped my hair and said: “Whatever, bitches, I’m fabulous.”

Speaking of fabulous. How do you like my new wedge sneakers? Would you wear them?


I had my ironic mustache too! What’s up?

Top:  mine, Marshalls

Shorts: H&M

Shoes:  CG Shoes, Pay/half

Bag (last seen here) : Street vendor in the Upper West Side

Right hand bangles (last seen here): Natasha, Dillard’s

Geometric ring (last seen here): H&M

All other jewelry : Wholesalers

Sunglasses (last seen here): ALDO


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  5. Marianna

    October 8, 2012 at 11:59 AM

    El look perfecto… hasta que llegas a esos zapatos hediondos. No los he olido pero sé que son hediondos.

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