High low skirts. Are they over?

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Aminta High Low5Je’Loire Photography


Last week I got into a very heated and serious discussion: are high low skirts over? Some say they are soooooo last year, but some- like myself are still hanging on to them. When it comes to fashion, it’s important to be trendy, but it’s also important to wear something you like and that makes you happy- except for flip flops. You should never wear flip flops. I think high low skirts should be around forever. I love wearing bottoms that show off my legs, and I love wearing dramatic pieces, so high lows combine these two very important characteristics I look for when buying clothes. I just really love the flair (and the flare) of the train of the skirt when I walk, makes me feel like I’m gliding.

This particular skirt was a present from one of my BFFs, Rose. I love this skirt for all the reasons mentioned above, but I hate this skirt because it’s trying to kill me. I had a bad accident last time I wore it- I was shooting this outfit last fall when my heels got tangled in the train and down I went! So yes, high low skirts can be dangerous, but I still think they should be around for a least the end of the year. Do you think high low skirts are over?

Aminta High LowOh, don’t mind me. I’m just chilling with Hans Christian Andersen

Aminta High Low6

Aminta High Low4

Aminta Balloons9The very last picture before my fall last year. See the whole look here!

Skirt: Forever 21

Top: Can’t remember, but I got it on my last trip to Los Angeles

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Necklace: Wholesaler


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  2. Lucia

    July 14, 2013 at 12:57 PM

    Amintaaaa me encanto esta falda es preciosa y el color es ideal !!!
    El collar aparte esta super bonitoo!!

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