Hand Care Tips for Soft Palms

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Hand Care Tips. Yesterday I showed you how to take care of your feet, and today I want to show you how you can take care of your hands. Just like our feet, our hands don’t always get the attention they deserve. We use our hands for literally everything, from sending a text to building a bookcase. And if you’re Latina or Italian, you also use them when you speak, ha!

Hand care is very simple once you’ve developed a routine. I teamed up with Neutrogena® and the lovely #LatinaBloggers to share with you some of my hand care tips- you’ll see is no rocket science!

1. Moisturize

Hand Care Tips3

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Keeping your hands hydrated is key to pretty-looking, and healthy hands. As you grow older your skin loses its elasticity, which gives way to wrinkles, so it needs a little help from moisturizers, like the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula (more about this later on this post). Other elements like soap, and cold weather also make your skin dry, so be sure to keep your hands hydrated year-round.

2. Give yourself a massage

Hand Care Tips

Pamper your hands by learning how to give yourself a massage, and use lotion for lubrication. There are many pressure points in the hand you can stimulate to help relieve tension. The first time I got a hand massage I was surprised at how much it hurt! The hands do a lot for us, so of course they get tense too! I give myself a hand massage at least once a day, to keep knots at bay, and to thank them for all the good work they do for me.

3. Wear gloves

Hand Care Tips

Sometimes, in the middle of winter, your hands are so dry they can crack and bleed. You can wear gloves right after you apply a thick layer of moisturizer and hit the sack for overnight repair. And please, if it’s cold outside, wear gloves to protect your hands from the elements!

4. Wash your hands with lukewarm water

Hand Care Tips

Too cold or too hot water can also damage the skin on your hands, making it prone to dryness. Lukewarm water is always best, not just for your hands, but for all the skin in your body.

5. Wear gloves when doing dishesHand Care Tips

I can’t think of something more drying and damaging to your hands than dishwasher soap. Sure, some soaps say they’re easy on hands, but if you use them too much they will strip your hands of natural oils, just as they strip your pots and pats of lasagna oil. I always keep a bottle of moisturizer by the kitchen sink, just in case I don’t feel like wearing loves to wash only one spoon. Wearing gloves will also keep your polish from chipping, making it last longer, and giving you more bang for your buck.

Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Formula

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula

The Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula Hand Cream was designed in Noway for Arctic fisherman to keep their hands from chapping and crackling during the harshest of conditions. Now, we probably won’t be sticking our hands in the frigid Arctic sea, but if this lotion is good enough for fisherman, it sure is good enough for us!

I was challenged to use it for seven days and I have seen much improvement. I kept it on my nightstand to apply right before bed, and I woke up with much softer hands. It absorbs really fasts, so it’s great for applying throughout the day, but since it’s the beginning of winter, the change of weather has dried up my skin big time. I kept it as my nighttime cream and really went to town. It feels as if you have a film of protection, and yet is not greasy. I was able to use the computer and my phone without leaving any residue. This long-lasting formula has been around since 1972, so it’s tried and true! It’s been clinically proven to heal rough and dry skin. So give your hands the moisture it craves, and get yourself the Norwegian Formula Hand Cream.

I’m gonna buy few of these for my friends; they will make a perfect stocking stuffer, since they only retail for about $5.

What are some of your hand care tips?  

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