Holiday Gift Guide 2014. Gifts for the food lovers

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Gifts for foodies

Gift ideas for foodies. Who doesn’t love to eat? I know I do, but I don’t consider myself a foodie. I eat to stay alive, so if calories and cholesterol weren’t a problem, I’d live off grill cheeses  and bacon slices all my life. Surprisingly, I absolutely love to cook.  try to make the boyfriend a new recipe every other week, and I go all out. But when I’m alone, I could care less about what I put in my mouth. I know I should be healthy, but I’ve been known to have popcorn for dinner. Sorry mom.

We all have that one person if our lives, though, who just enjoys all the pleasures food has to offer. Whether is preparing it, sampling it, or simply looking at it (I see you, Pinterest). And thinking of these people, I bring you my curated Yahoo Style gift guide for food lovers, or people who like to host a good party. Check out the full gift guide here, and be sure to check the Yahoo Style site for other great gift ideas!

From lowest to highest price:

1. Pot Holders, H&M $4.95 each

Gifts for foodies

Come on, everybody could use more pot holders. These rip, or get burnt much too often. So this is a small gift that will be greatly appreciated. Plus hello? Polka dots!

2. Pop Corn Popper, Crate and Barrel $29.95

Gifts for foodies


This is would be the perfect gift for someone who loves popcorn as much as I do. I bet this elevates the whole popcorn experience to a whole new level.

3. Gluten Free Cookies, Kyotofu $39.95

Screenshot 2014-12-10 23.04.52

I tried a gluten-free brownie and it was a complete fail. But I am aware that some people have severe gluten allergies, and thinking of them I decided to include these cookies. Everyone deserves a sweet holiday!

4. Pizza wheel, Williams-Sonoma $39.95

Gifts for foodies

My mom used to make use homemade pizzas using toast, sause and cheese. I bet she would have made us real pizza if she’d had one of these!

5. IPA Brew Kit, Brooklyn Brew Shop $40

Gifts for foodies

This is perfect for a guy who loves beer, ’cause even if his brew ends up sucking, he still had a good time brewing it. Unless he can’t take defeat very well, in which case you’re better off trying something else.

6.  Charcuterie Board, Hampson Woods, $55

Gifts for foodiesGone are the days of red cups with vodka cranberry and Doritos in a bowl. We’re grown ups now and we should have grown up serving platters. These cheese platters are the perfect addition to someone with a new home, or someone who loves cheese.

7. Serrated utility knife, Wusthof $80

Gifts for foodies

If your foodie friend likes to cook, then they need some nice knives!

8. Bacon All Year Club, Zingerman’s $400

gifts for foodiesBacon, oh sweet, sweet bacon. Apparently, you can get this gift from the gods delivered to your door every month. So if you know someone who loves their bacon, why not splurge? Maybe get it for someone you live with, like your dad, or your man, so you can get in on that too.

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