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I’ve been MIA, but guess what? I’m still on vacation! If you follow me on instagram and/or Twitter you know I’m in Los Angeles and about to make my way down to Indio for- wait for it- COA-FUCKING-CHELLA!

Coachella is just around the corner! I was there last year and it was AWESOME! It was my first ever festival and even though I’m not much of a festival gal (hello? have you seen my shoes?) I had one of the best times of my life. Last year I was there for weekend 2, and my friend Jimena was there weekend 1. I asked her to share some tips, DOs and DON’Ts on the festival and below is what she had to say. I’ve added my comments in pinks and also included some things I wish I had/hadn’t done based on last year’s experiences.

JimenaJimena at Coachella


– Bring the most comfortable clothes. Wear layers. You will take them off. I ended up dancing in nothing but my bikini every single day.

– Closed shoes (lotsa sand on the walk in and out). People will step on your toes! Avoid the pain. You have been warned. I wore the same pair of red Converse every day with two insoles and was perfectly comfortable. Except for the blisters. I made the mistake of wearing brand new Chucks to the festival. Learn from my mistakes.

– Light sweater. The weekend I went it was scorching hot. We’re talking 104 F. (44 C.), but apparently it gets cold in the desert at night. I brought a cheap scarf and it doubled as a picnic blanket where I lied down to listen to Miike Snow.

– SUNBLOCK! Yes! I wore SPF 70 throughout. Big mistake for me. Since I’m darker I didn’t get tanned at all! However, better safe than sunburnt on day 1 without being able to enjoy the rest of the fest.

– ALWAYS go to the bathroom stalls in the little truck at the end of the toilet hall, they are super clean and comfy… you can sit your ass down and it will be a-ok. Very true. There are nicer, RV-like restrooms with toilet paper and AC. They’re pretty clean, though by Day 3 they’re a bit icky. If you use the port-a-potties remember to hold your breath and never look down!

– Visit the H&M stand by the foodcourt… they have couches, AC y free water! I never made it to the H&M tent! But I did stop by the Beats by Dre tent to enjoy the AC. They aso had a phone charging station where you could either charge your phone yourself or leave it with one of the attendants, take a number and come back and get it later. Choose option 2. You don’t want to miss the goodness that is Coachella! As I understand H&M will be there this year as well, so I’ll be sure to stop by.

– Sit down in the shade as much as you can, or soak up the rays lying down while listening to music…the truth is I still can’t bear the pain in my back, knees and feet. I agree, it’s nice to sit down, in the shade or otherwise. 

– Take 2 Aleve in the morning and 2 in the evening. I swear the pain won’t be half as intense. This was probably the best advice she gave me. I took Aleve, but really, Ibuprofen (Advil) or Acetaminophen (Tylenol) will work just as well. 


– Get too drunk. Seriously, in that heat alcohol is your worst enemy!

– DRIVE THERE! In case you are not camping try to take a shuttle. Leave the grounds is a nightmare with all the traffic. Shuttles pick you up in the main entry. The amount of people there is still disgusting, but you save yourself a one-hour drive to your bed. Spending $50 in a shuttle pass is the absolute best thing you can do at Coachella. I was staying in the Embassy Suites hotel in Palm Desert (that would be the green line) and getting to my hotel from the grounds took less than 20 minutes each way. My other friends wanted to drive and I swear, by the time they got to the hotel every night I had already showered and was in bed. Take a shuttle! 

– Carry more than you absolutely need in your bag. Get a medium-sized one where you can stash your swear, money (NO CARDS), phone and camera. Don’t bring your whole wallet with you in case you lose it. Instead focus in taking things that if lost it wouldn’t be an absolute drama. I made the mistake of putting everything I could fit into my medium-sized bag. Dancing was a pain, and I don’t know what it is about purses, but the longer you carry them the longer they get. 

– Wear make up… trust me, you will sweat. I’m going to disagree here, of course! My awesome eye makeup stood  the test of heat, time and water. Do waterproof everything! I used Telescopic Precision Liquid Liner in black and Almay’s One Coat Nourishing Waterproof Mascara.  Don’t even bother with lipstick. Mine melted a few hours in. Instead of powder opt for blotting paper, like this cheapie one from Walgreens and bring a tiny bronzer/blush like this one from CoverGirl to give your cheeks some color. Though after dancing your socks off I don’t see why you’d need it. 

Thanks Jime for all your good advice! Later this week I’ll be sharing my very own Do’s and Dont’s for Coachella!

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