The Fuchsia Dress

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Aminta Fuchsia3.jpgPhotos by Beto Ramos and CMFoto


There is something very special about firsts. Your first kiss, your first car, your first apartment, the first time you lay eyes on that special someone… Well, this isn’t the first post of the year, but is the first outfit post of the year, and I wanted to show you something special- something striking, something different- like this fuchsia dress in the middle of a forest on Connecticut.

This dress is not really a dress. Is just a piece of striking fabric. Beto helped me pin it together, so I guess he’s the designer of this gown. I’d like to take this time and space to help the two guys who have helped the Clothes & Fashion blog turn from a hobby to  a career- José (CMFoto) and Beto. I’m so happy to have these two wonderful men not just as my official photographers, but also as my really good friends. Making friends in such a busy city like New York is no easy tasks, but I know I can always count on these two, for pictures, for drinks, for dinner, or just for a talk. So thank you, Beto and José, for sharing with me your friendship and your talent! Here’s to an amazing 2014!


Aminta Fuchsia1.jpg

Aminta Fuchsia10.jpg

Aminta Fuchsia2.jpg

Aminta Fuchsia12.jpg

Aminta Fuchsia13.jpg

Aminta Fuchsia4.jpg

Aminta Fuchsia14.jpg

Aminta Fuchsia5.jpg

Aminta Fuchsia15.jpg

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