French Vogue’s “Cadeaux.”

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French Vogue‘s fashion spread featuring little girls has got some people’s panties up in a bunch! For their “Cadeaux” (presents) spread in the December/January issue, the magazine decided to glam up girls just as if they were full-grown models. People were complaining it was pushing the young models too far, that they had too much makeup on, that they looked too provocative, blah blah blah. Vogue magazine has never been about the understated. This was just one more of their many other controversial fashion spreads; like Vogue Italia‘s oil spill-themed fashion spread, with “dead” models and all (see the editorial here).

Don’t turn it into something bigger than it is. This is just girls playing dress-up in very, very fancy clothes. I wish I had been able to get dressed and made up like this just for a day and have my picture taken. How fun! For all it’s worth, I thought the girls looked fabulous! Here are some of my favorite pictures!

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