Four Ways to Pamper Yourself Without Breaking the Bank

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Guest post by Elizabeth Hill.

PAMPER YOURSELF. Life is hard, and sometimes, when the winter winds blow their hardest, you are going to find that nothing feels like it is working right. That is when you need to make the time to take care of yourself — so consider these tips when you are feeling at your wits’ end.

Shoe Shopping

Aminta ALDO shoe porn2.jpg…and New York is the thing I love too.

One of the wonderful thing about shoes is that you can fit into them no matter what. When you are tired of those dull winter boots, take yourself out for a splurge. Pick something fun, flirty and cute, even if it might be months before you can wear it, or choose those fashionable suede boots that you have been eyeing. Shop right, and your shoes will be far less expensive than you might fear. After all, the world loves shoes!

Sleep in Style

When you want to feel pampered, making going to bed tonight a ritual. Turn off all of your computer, television and tablet screens 90 minutes before to ensure that you are getting the best sleep, and then pamper yourself before you head to bed. A warm bath that is full of essential oils and other luxuries is a good start, especially if you follow it up with a luxurious robe and a book.

Primp a Little

Aminta Pantene1#WantThatHair

When you look good, you feel good, and you might be a little surprised at how good you can look! Adding a little bit of life and colour to your cheeks is something that can make a huge difference to how you feel, so why not learn how to make some of your own beauty products? DIY beauty is hot right now, and you’ll find that whether you are learning to make your own moisturizer or figuring out how to oil your hair for amazingly soft and shiny tresses, beauty routines give you a real spring in your step.

Pajama Day

When you are just feeling worn out and done with the world, spend your day off shamelessly in your pajamas. Pajamas were made for comfort, and no one from your favourite television show is going to judge you for not changing out of them. Stay in, stay warm, and catch up on that show that all of your friends are swearing by!

Pamper yourself before you crash and burn this holiday season; it’s easier and cheaper than you think it is!


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