First Look of Spring!

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Aminta3sevenand8_1.jpgPhotos by Pamela Cooper


Spring is here! And then it’s gone. And then it comes again! And then it leaves once more. Spring is such a tease! Make up your mind, already! You coming? You going? I want you to stay, I’m sick of layering! Today was the first time I dared to wear color. I started off with a simple jeans + white shirt combo (a turtleneck, because even though it was sunny, it was still cold!) and built from there. When I first saw this mint MSK jacket I knew I had to have it on the blog. I’m not really one for pastels, but I thought the mint complimented this yellow 3Seven&8 bag beautifully. By the way, I can’t wait to tell you more about these two brands I recently discovered! So stay tuned for updates!

For today’s post, I worked, for the first time with designer and photographer, Pamela Cooper. I had a blast working with her! We shot one more look, which will be up next week!








Jacket: MSK

Bag: 3seven&8

Shirt (last seen here): Macy’s

Jeans (last seen here): asos

Shoes (last seen here): Steve Madden




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