Fire Escape

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Aminta Fire Escape1Photos by Beto Ramos


There are a few things that are very New York. The Statue of Liberty, rats, $1 hot dogs and fire escapes. To me they are nothing impressive, but every time my friends from out of time visit they always point them out. Last summer, while it was still warm enough for bare legs I took this pictures in Beto’s fire escape. This was the same day we shot these pics in Verrazano bridge.

Here the weather is slowly but surely warming up. It’s getting dark later and the flowers are starting to bloom. Soon it will be time to store my coats and boots away, and to trade warm synthetic fabrics for light cotton ones. I cannot wait for the nights when it gets dark past 8 p.m. Those are the best nights of the year. It’s impossible to be depressed in the summer. I miss wearing florals prints like this ones.

By the way, if I look very chill here is just an illusion. I was actually very freaked out because I suffer from basophobia, or fear of falling. Which is not the same as acrophobia, or fear of heights. I’m good in high buildings (how else could I possibly live in New York?) as long as there’s a rail or a glass. Try standing in stilettos at night on a fire escape, let me know how you like it.

Aminta Fire Escape2

Aminta Fire Escape3

Aminta Fire Escape4

Dress:  Material Girl, Macy’s

Denim shirt: Miley Cyrus, Walmart

Ring: Forever 21

Shoes (last seen here): Bakers

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