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I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour for Latina Mom Bloggers on behalf of ZYRTEC® ALLERGY FACE™ and received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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I was never one to suffer from outdoor allergies- that is until I moved to New York. For some reason, the City’s spring weather doesn’t agree with me, and come every April, I know I’m going to be just miserable. It all starts the same way- with a tingle in the bridge of my nose. That tingle then turns into an unscratchable itch, which moves up to my eyes and down to the roof of my mouth. Then of course, along comes the sneezing, wheezing, and the runny nose.

That’s why today, I’m teaming up with Zyrtec® to show you how, even though allergies may make you feel miserable, you can still look amazing- ’cause when you feel good, you look good! I stopped by the benefit cosmetics counter with my blogger BFF Carla of Haute Cocktail, for a fun girl’s afternoon, getting our makeup done and learning how to look and feel good this allergy season, thanks to Zyrtec®. We got our makeup did by the lovely benefit team, and we were able to choose between six looks, created by celebrity makeup artist Jackie Gomez. I picked a natural look called “Red Carpet Ready,” inspired by Debra Messing. We were also able to chat with lifestyle and beauty expert Carmen Ordoñez about how to look good while suffering form the most common allergy symptoms, such as puffy nose, red face, and watery eyes. Thanks to the Zyrtec #ALLERGYFACE™ program (or #EnfrentaTusAlergias, in Español), I was able to learn some very important tips to avoid looking like you’re having a major allergy attack:

– To hide irritated eyes, try a concealer two shades darker than your skin tone. Pat it with your fingers or a brush.

– If you have dry skin around your nose because you keep using rough tissues, don’t forget to moisturize before you put on any makeup!

– Use bronzer to hide any redness.

– If your ALLERGY FACE™ is pale, try some blush to give pretty color to your cheeks.

– Brighten up your eyes by applying a shimmery shadow, or white pencil) under the arch of your brow and the corner of your eyes.

Next time you’re standing in your pharmacy with a runny nose, think of Zyrtec® (cetirizine HCl) as an option for your non-prescription allergy medication. The new Dissolve Tabs  can be taken on the go, and without water, ’cause they dissolve in your mouth. They also start working within the hour when you first take them, and their effects last 24 hours. Which is perfect, because who has time to take several pills throughout the day? We’re busy women, and we need allergy medication that fits our busy lifestyle!

Aminta Zyrtec2.jpgBefore
Aminta Zyrtec3.jpgDuring
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