F*ck School, I’ll be a Blogger

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edit Aminta Fck School Be Blogger Streetstyle-4Photos by Ryan Chua


I was browsing the Internet with the ulterior motive of spending some money before Fashion Week when I stumbled into this precious jewel: my FUCK SCHOOL, I’LL BE A BLOGGER t-shirt by Sara Eshak (I know you want it, so be sure to get it here!). I wanted to wear it to Lincoln Center, but what a better place to raise some eyebrows than during the Independent Fashion Blogger’s conference? Of course the shirt was a big hit. People kept asking me if I had designed it. It would have been easy to say yes, but I don’t roll like that- credit is due where credit is due. And truthfully, I’m not creative enough to come up with something like this- but oh, how I wish I had thought of it first!

The first day of IFBcon I woke up with a massive pimple on my cheek. I covered it with some brown eyeshadow and problem solved. Who wore it best? Aminta or Cindy Crawford? It’s rhetorical question- please don’t hurt my feelings by answering. I paired the tee with this Alexander Wang look-a-like print skirt from Olsenboye and this turquoise blazer I also wore on Day One of the last IFB conference. I’m a woman of habit. Are you tired of seeing these booties yet? I’m going to go ahead and say now, a few months after I purchased them, that they are my most comfortable pair of heels. I don’t know what I’m going to do when summer comes!

Thank you so much, Ryan, for taking these pictures! So honored to have been your model for a few minutes!

Aminta Fck School Be Blogger Streetstyle-2
Aminta Fck School Be Blogger Streetstyle-4
Aminta Fck School Be Blogger Streetstyle-5
Aminta Fck School Be Blogger Streetstyle


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Aminta IFBcon8clothesandfashion.net

T-Shirt: Sara Eshak for Society6 

Blazer: H&M

Skirt: Olsenboye, JCPenney 

Faux fur coat: bebe 

Booties (last seen here): Chinese Laundry 

Necklace: Kendra Scott, Rent the Runway

Tote: Forever 21 

LEFT HAND: Ring and bracelet: Wholesalers

RIGHT HAND: Bracelets: Ori Designs (last seen here) and Zara 


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