Fashion Week outfit. Denim on denim.

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Aminta Denim11


And just like that, another Fashion Week came and went. I’ve been living in New York City for a little over two years now, and working in fashion ever since. As you know, Fashion Week happens twice a year (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter), so this was my fifth Fashion Week. The first two seasons I spent working with a major fashion stylists styling the runway show of a major fashion house. That was a nightmare. I kept a fashion diary of what I did every day. You can find that here. Warning, this was written a long time ago, before the blog was what it is today. The Fashion Week right after I took street style photos, and I got to attend lots of fun events for fashion bloggers. Last season I also attended some events and off-site shows, but not as many as before, since there was a crazy snowstorm and like I said, I’ve only been living somewhere with snow for two years, so I have a hard time as it is walking on snow- there’s no way I could have moved one inch in four-inch heels. You can see some pics here.

Now THIS Fashion Week was like none I have ever attended before. You know how you need invites to get into the shows? Well, I had something a million times better- I had a press pass. I was free to come and go as I wished. I got to go backstage with the people from Yahoo (as you know I work with them sometimes, check me out in this video!), I saw tons of celebs but most importantly, I got to see, first hand, some of my fave designers’ fashion proposals for the upcoming season.

I want to tell you more about my experience, but this post is getting really long. I will tell you more about it this week. Now, let me tell you about the outfit. When I choose my jeans in the morning I always go for the skinny jeans, however, I happen to be a huge fan of retro 70s fashion, so I thought Fashion Week would be the perfect opportunity to take these puppies out for a spin. I originally planned on pairing them with a white blouse, but at the least minute I threw on this denim shirt. The result? I look like my mom, in the 70s. We took these pics at Lincoln Center, where the Fashion Week shows are held. We decided to go somewhere less crowded, away from all the fashion madness. You’ve already seen some pics at Lincoln Center here.

What do you think of the outfit? Would you wear denim on denim?

Aminta Denim2

Aminta Denim8

Aminta Denim5

Aminta Denim

Aminta Denim4

Aminta Denim7

Aminta Denim10

Aminta Denim9

Aminta Denim12

Shirt (last seen here). Miley Cyrus for Walmart

Pants (last seen here). Forever 21

Shoes. Charlotte Russe

Bag. Forever 21

Necklace (last seen here). Forever 21

Ring. Alexis Bittar

Sunglasses. Charlotte Russe

Lipstick. Kevyn Aucoin (Ondine).

More denim looks:

Aminta Chinatown10Ni Hao, Chinatown!

Aminta Winter9Winter Wonderland

Aminta LaVie10C’est la vie


  1. Ujjaini

    April 11, 2014 at 2:53 PM

    Lovely pictures!

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  6. A

    September 17, 2013 at 9:30 AM

    Nice write-up. Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences behind the scenes. As for the Denim on Denim, have always loved the look, glad its making its way back! Very purty pics , , , and taken in my back yard ;)

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