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Fashion Blogger BloopersJust let me pull my pants up real quick! –> Denim on Denim.


Getting my picture taken has become part of my every day life, out of more than 100 pics taken, only around 10 make it to the blog. You don’t often get to see the pictures where my hair is not perfectly coiffed, or the one where a bee lands in a bed of flowers one feet away from me, causing me to jump and scream. You don’t get to see, to some of my male audience’s disappointment, the pictures where the wind blows up my skirt, or the pictures where I’m making a face at the photographer. You only see the pictures I want you to see. I’ve shown you twice before some pictures that never made it to the blog- check them out here and here, but is about time I show you a few more, just so you don’t forget that underneath the heavy eye makeup and the tousled hair, I’m still a real girl, who likes to stick her tongue out.

There’s a space online dedicated to demystifying the always ethereal and beautiful (if I may say so myself) personal style bloggers. Bloggers Bloopers is a hilarious new tumblr featuring personal style bloggers from around the country and their not-so-fabulous blooper pictures. Before you head over there, check out some of my other blooper pics below the jump. Don’t forget to click on the links below the pics to see the whole post, with the pretty pictures that made the cut!


Fashion Blogger BloopersI get bored while they test the light –> The Neon Dress


Fashion Blogger BloopersA girl can’t even fix her shoe in peace —> Love. Love. Love. Love.


Fashion Blogger Bloopers Always connected –> The Cheetah Cardigan


Fashion Blogger BloopersThe nymph of the forest –> Welcome, Spring!


Fashion Blogger BloopersDon’t mind me, I’m just chilling –> East Coast vs. West Coast style-off


Fashion Blogger BloopersSweet ‘stache –> Welcome Spring!


Fashion Blogger BloopersWelcome to my shot, stranger –> Sexy Secretary


Fashion Blogger BloopersI don’t have a caption for this –> Say Hello to my Furry Friend


Fashion Blogger BloopersI’m gonna fall in and die! –> The Neon Dress


Fashion Blogger BloopersBlogger me vs. Real me –> Denim on Denim

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