Fall in Roosevelt Island in my Kate Dress

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I don’t think I will ever get tired of the Fall! We shot these photos on a very cold, but sunny, Fall day in Roosevelt Island, overlooking the beautiful New York City skyline. This time I a dress from Nicky Hilton’s capsule collection for eluxe. You remember a few months ago I had the opportunity to meet Nicky Hilton and she walked me through her collection. I left that day with a copy of her book 365 Style, and a promise of one piece of my choice from her designs. I of course jumped all over the opportunity of owning this pretty navy dress, called The Kate Dress, which as it happens, was the dress she was wearing when I met her.

Even if she’d been wearing something else I still would have chosen this dress! I love the cut and the silhouette, and I love how it’s both cute and sexy. It reminds me a little of my Catholic School uniform, since our skirt was navy and made of a similar material. I liked it in black too, but I already have enough black dresses. I asked for a size medium and it was a little loose around my middle (yay!), so I had this dress tailored, and that’s why it fits me like a glove. A good tailor is not cheap, but is worth every penny!

“You do not need millions in the bank to look like a million bucks!” Nicky Hilton. 365 Style p. 40

Nicky Hilton for eluxe










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