Eat, Shop, Love

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Catching up on the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar I came across one enlightened article by Barney’s creative director Simon Doonan: “Eat, Shop, Love.” The title is a word-play of Julia Robert’s movie “Eat, Pray, Love” (watch trailer here).  In the article, Donnan suggest that instead of spending lots of money on traveling to faraway lands to find yourself, you should instead –shop! Here’s what he says:

“Pure joy and enlightenment lurk at your local mall.

You don’t have to blow big bucks on this season’s Alaïa or Céline ankle bootie to reach nirvana. Your everyday makeup counter is easier to find and a treasure trove of tricks. Never worn false eyelashes before? Start gluing. Never tried glitter on your cleavage? Start shimmying. Emerald-green eye shadow? Never say never! You get the picture. I guarantee you that one of the items will give you an aha moment and leave you fabulously fulfilled.”

And how I agree!

Yesterday, my BFF Lara wrote me and told me she wanted to try something new, so she got a tattoo!  When I want to try something new I buy a different shade of nail polish! Ladies, there’s no need to defile your skin or pay a guru when we’re tired of our routine. A new clutch works just as well and—depending on the clutch, is also cheaper.  We all know the powers of retail therapy. So, next time you’re feeling down or are looking to try something new indulge yourself—go shopping!

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