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Aminta LES1Photos by CMFotos and Beto Ramos


If you’re in New York City you can find me hanging out on the West side of the island. Frankly, this is the best side. I only go to the East Side on very special occasions, and only to meet very special people. Such was the case of this evening, when I went to dinner with two of my favorite men, my friends José and Beto. You may know them as the dudes who take my pics. We were celebrating my birthday – 10 days late, but hey, we’re all busy people. We went to a Brazilian restaurant, and since we were in the very laid-back East Village I was definitely over-dressed. I didn’t think we were going to be taking pictures (especially since I was so full after having a big steak and a chocolate cake), so I’m wearing a more natural makeup than you’re used to seeing. As soon as José took his camera out of his bag I rushed to find a hair brush and some lipstick in my bag.

You briefly saw this faux fur bebe coat last week. Because Spring is fast approaching I was able to snag it for 75% off! I wish winter were here for just a bit more so I didn’t have to put it in storage so soon. I also got some new suede thigh-high boots on sale at Forever 21, but you can find some similar ones here for under $70!

How do you like my furry friend?

Aminta LES2

Aminta LES4

Aminta LES5

Aminta LES6

Aminta LES7

Aminta LES9

Aminta LES10

Aminta LES11

Aminta LES12

Faux fur coat (last seen here): bebe 

Top: Body Central

Jeans (last seen here): asos

Boots (last seen here): Forever 21 

Bag (last seen here): Steve Madden


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