East Coast vs. West Coast Style Challenge with Charlotte Russe!

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East vs West2My photos by CMFoto


It’s that time  for another East Coast vs. West Coast style-off with my blogger BFF Laura Lily and one of my fave stores all around: Charlotte Russe! This time, our friends at Charlotte Russe allowed up to pick one dress of our choice and a pair of shoes. It was Laura’s idea that we pick different shoes, and I’m telling you, that girl is a genius! It would have taken us forever to agree on a pair we both liked. When I sent her the links to my faves she sent me a text that read: “We have VERY different taste in shoes. LOL. I would kill myself in your choices.” Haha, yes! I do love my high heels- the higher the better! But also, I don’t know if you can tell, but Laura Lily is built like a model! She doesn’t need the extra inches like I do. Though I don’t mind being 5’4″  because I can say I’m pocket-size. Check out Laura Lily’s Style Challenge here to see how she wore this dress!

Do you remember our last Style Challenge with Charlotte Russe? It was still winter and I rocked an awesome faux fur coat. Now that summer is finally here we wanted to go for something brighter and cheerier. What could be better than a little white dress? I had been wearing black and dark colors for so long that I was very energized throughout this shoot. I couldn’t stop smiling. I was happy to be wearing white (find out about some of the psychological advantages of this color in this post) and to rock bare arms and legs.  For my very first collaboration with Charlotte Russe I showed you Fifth Avenue during Christmas time. Last time I showed you Williamsburg, and today I’m showing off my bare limbs in Chinatown. I have a lot of hilarious pictures of local Chinatowners photobombing me. You’ll see them at the end of the year, in my Never Before Seen posts ;)

Who rocked it better, the East Coast or the West Coast? Think carefully before you answer.

Aminta CR1
Aminta CR12 Aminta CR11These sunnies are also from Charlotte Russe. I got them in my recent trip to Los Angeles- so here’s a bit of my West Coast style
Aminta CR9
Aminta CR10
Aminta CR6
Aminta CR4
Aminta CR2
Aminta CR8These incredibly comfy faux suede shoes quickly became a fave in my closet. My other shoes are very jealous.

Find similar dresses here and here. And if you’re not sold check out all of CR’s little white dresses here.

The shoes are not currently available in this color, but you can still get them in blue and black (gimme!).

The sunnies are here.

And there’s another Chinatown post I did last summer right over here.





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  4. Laura

    July 3, 2013 at 1:28 PM

    I LOVE your photos! You look so beautiful in that dress. And it is true, as fabulous as those shoes are, I would kill myself in them. LOL

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