Delicious cashmere by Johan Ku

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Johan KuPhotos by Beto Ramos


I first met Johan Ku at the Coterie trade show in New York right after Fashion Week. There were many designers showcasing their upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 collections, but Johan’s booth stood out for the rest because it actually looked like Spring. There were beautiful floral prints in the most luxurious silk fabrics, there were pastel  knits, but the one thing I couldn’t keep my hands off was his delicious cashmere. Before moving to New York, my wardrobe consisted of cotton, spandex (I am Latina, after all), and jersey cotton (ugh, never again!). It wasn’t until I moved to a colder climate that I discovered other heavier fabrics, like itchy wool and not-sexy-but-quite-comfy fleece. Out of all the winter fabrics, cashmere is hands down my fave.

Johan wanted to give me a piece of his new collection to share with you. I picked this cashmere mini dress, honestly, because I liked the color combination. Once I put it on, though, I couldn’t stop touching myself! I know that sounds terrible, but this cashmere is just sooooooooo delicious! I’m very tactile- out of all my senses the one I’ve developed most is my sense of touch. I have to touch everything I buy to make sure is going to feel good against my skin. This Johan Ku cashmere dress gets my seal of approval!

A quick interview with Joahn Ku.

How would you describe your creations in 10 words or less? Sculpture-like silhouettes with unique textiles and extreme chunky knitwear.

Who or what inspires your designs? I am always inspired by special materials and yarns.

Who would you love to see wearing your clothes? It would be amazing if Björk could wear my creations.

Do you have any advice for my readers? Understand what fits on you and be true to yourself.

Johan Ku

Johan Ku

Johan Ku

Johan Ku

Johan Ku

Johan Ku

Johan Ku

Johan Ku

Johan Ku


Dress: Courtesy of Johan Ku. Spring/Summer ’14 collection.

Shoes (last seen here): Steve Madden

Belt: I don’t remember, but it was a store in Caracas, Venezuela at the Sambil mall

Earrings: Wholesalers



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