Dancing with Noka Posh.

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Before I was a fashionista, I was a ballerina. I was a pretty hardcore one too. Here, I wrote a whole essay about it. I dedicated more than 20 (sometimes 30) hours every week to this art form, which may look easy, but that’s what makes it so hard! Have you ever seen the movie Center Stage? During a dress rehearsal, the choreographer and director tells dancer Maureen: “How can you expect people to watch you raise your arm if you don’t do it gracefully?” Yes, dancing is about spinning, jumping, all to the beat of the music, while smiling and making it look effortless.

I’m a firm believer that if you look good, you feel good. I have a lot of dancer friends who like to wear makeup when they dance, because it makes them feel pretty. I don’t wear makeup to dance class because I’m going to sweat it all off anyways, but is important that I have the right clothes, in this case, leotards, skirts and tights, so that I feel more confident than I would in say, sweatpants. This is why I was very excited to partner up with the new dancerwear line, Noka Posh. I know the designer, Tatjana, personally, and I can’t wait to tell you  more about her in the coming weeks (I have more pics form this series, and by the way, they are MUY CALIENTE). Again, when you look good, you feel you, and when you feel good, you dance better. When I put on these gorgeous Noka Posh dresses all I wanted to do was shimmy- and I’m not even a ball room dancer! The fabric hugged me in all the right places, it made me stand up straighter, and feel better not only as a dancer, but as a woman. I talked a little to Tatjana before she stated this journey, and seeing her designs come to live, and being able to wear them myself felt amazing. I’m very proud to show you some of the looks from her very first collection. I cannot wait to see what else Noka Posh has in store!

Special thanks to Omar for the fun photos, and to Mike for letting us use this space for the shoot!

Click this pic to see a short video!

"I'm so good I'm doing a double!" Little preview of today's #dance-inspired photoshoot with @nokaposh

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