Dancing with my shadow

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Photos by Beto Ramos


I’m wearing a few Fall trends in just one outfit: oxblood, studs, leather and a military jacket (which you can see in the pics below. It’s all about layering!). I don’t usually wear hats, but I wanted to try something different. My friend said I looked like Che Guevara, yuck. But I guess I do. I got this beret a couple of years ago in Paris. I went into a store owned by a Chinese man. “Where are you from?” he asked in French. “Vénézuéla,” I replied in French. “Ooooh, very beautiful women in Venezuela.” I point at the beret. “How much?” “Eight Euros,” he said. “And for beautiful women?” I asked. “Five Euros.” Score! I think I’m like Peter Pan. I never want to grow up. That’s why I really enjoy playgrounds. You’ve already seen these pics in a playground. Which ones do you like better?


Instagram! (amintair)


Jacket (last seen here): Zumiez (Thanks, Raisa!) (similar, similar

Leopard blazer (pants seen here): XOXO, Macy’s (similar, similar)

Dress: Forever 21 (similar)

Necklace: Forever 21 

Shoes (last seen here): Vintage (similar)


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  5. vane

    November 28, 2012 at 12:15 PM

    Este look me fascina. Y las fotos me encantan una vez más!

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