Cry me a River

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Aminta-Red River Dress3.jpgPhotos by CMFoto and Beto Ramos


I started taking photos for the blog threes years ago. Before that, the most professional photo I’d ever taken was for my passport. The fashion blogger photos are pretty straightforward- one or two poses, big smile, and accessory closeups. This got very boring for me, very quickly, and I wanted to explore more interesting ways to take photos.That’s why it was so refreshing to meet the guys I now consider a part of my family, Beto and José, my rock star photographers, who push me to be the best model I can be. There’s not any fashion to these photos, really. The dress is just a piece of chiffon I tied around me. But I think the pictures are stunning. Plus, I got into a freezing river for them, and I’m not going to let them die in my hard drive, without showing anybody!

Aminta River2.jpg

Aminta-Red River1.jpg

Aminta-Red River Dress2.jpg

Aminta River1.jpg

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