Crappy Phone Pictures From New York Fashion Week

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Aminta Lulus1A sneak peek of the dress I got from Lulu’s Style Studio. Also, how much do you love my cell phone case?

The very last of the Fashion Week posts (at least for this season!). It’s such much easier to whip out your phone and snap a picture than whip out a heavy DSLR camera and get the right settings on time. So here are some pics I snapped with my trusty Iphone. You may have already seen some on instagram   (ahem, @amintair)  but some you’re seeing for the very first time.

Starting next Monday is business as usual- outfit posts, shoe porns, how tos, what to wear withs, and more! As usual, if there’s anything you’d like me to talk about (as long as it’s related to fashion, of course. I couldn’t tell you how to change a tire, though I could probably discuss the meaning of life) please don’t hesitate to write me and ask, nay, demand that I write about it! After all, this blog is for you. Hope you have a great weekend!


Aminta Lulus2It’s all about stripes!

Aminta NYFW1See the pics from this day here. And also, really, follow me on instagram. You’re missing out!

Aminta CoverGirl1Getting my makeup done by CoverGirl

Aminta CoverGirl3See more pics from this day here!

Aminta CoverGirl4Getting my nails done by Mar Y Soul

Aminta CoverGirl2

Aminta MariaCornejo1

Aminta MariaCornejo2

Aminta Nolcha1With Carla from Haute Cocktail at Nolcha Fashion Week

Aminta Nolcha2See more pics from this day here!

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