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Aminta Cozy Knits2.jpgPhoto by Beto Ramos


There’s a rule that says you’re not allowed to wear white after Labor Day, but fashion rules are meant to be broken. I think an all-white outfit looks very crisp in the colder months, although this is more of a cream outfit, I suppose. I’m still new to this whole change of seasons things, coming from the equator and all. But a big part I like about cold weather is the cozy fabrics we get to wear. I paired this knit sweater with a sequin skirt to make it a bit less casual. And to create some contrast among all the angelical white (or cream), I wore these black suede thigh-highs (which I got at almost nothing earlier this year when they were getting rid of the winter iteams). Notice something a little bit different in this background? We’re not in New York City anymore, Toto.

It was a Thursday night, when my friends and I decided to drive to Connecticut and take as many pictures are possible. We shot a total of 7 outfits in two days. Needless to say I was very tired, but it was worth it because we got amazing pictures! The closest we can get to nature in New York City is Central Park, which is beautiful but always crowded. I’m lucky to be able to get away from The City every once in a while, and to breathe some fresh air! Especially with some great friends like Beto and Jose!

Aminta Cozy Knits3.jpg

Aminta Cozy Knits5.jpg

Aminta Cozy Knits4.jpg

Aminta Cozy Knits1.jpg

Aminta Cozy Knits7.jpg

Aminta Cozy Knits6.jpg

Aminta Cozy Knits9.jpg

Aminta Cozy Knits8.jpg


Knit sweater: Old Navy

Sequin skirt: Zara

Thigh-high boots (last seen here): Forever 21

Earrings (last seen here): Forever 21

If you like the Connecticut backdrop:

leather shortsThe leather shorts

Aminta Fuchsia5.jpgThe fuchsia dress


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