Color Psychology. Orange, Green, and Pink.

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Photos by Beto Ramos & CMFoto. Awesome post-production by moi.


Hopefully you saw yesterday’s post where I told you about the wonders of primary colors (yellow, blue, red). Now I’m sharing with you my knowledge on two secondary colors and my fave color of all times: pink. Orange, green and purple are secondary colors, but for purposes of this posts I’m grouping purple with other colors- you’ll see why on Thursday.

Secondary colors are called so because they are made by mixing primary colors. Does every one remember that lesson in kindergarten? Wasn’t it exciting to mix two colors and get a whole new one? I remember feeling like a magician. Maybe I’m just a nerd.  Read on and don’t forget to clic on the links I give you so you can see the full outfit posts pictured here!

Aminta Orange

– Knock Knock – Who’s There? – Banana – Banana Who? – Knock Knock – Who’s There? – Banana – Banana Who? – Knock Knock -Who’s There? – Banana – Banana Who? – Knock Knock – Who’s There? – Orange – Orange Who? – Orange you glad I didn’t say Banana?


Orange at a glance: A combination of red and yellow, orange is a warm and fun color. If you’re feeling depressed, orange should cheer you right up. Orange is a playful color, which, on the negative side, gives people a sense of immaturity because of it can be quite rejuvenating (think of Nickelodeon! Orange is the perfect color for this children’s TV channel). Like red, it’s also used to draw attention to things; that’s why traffic cones are orange and why people wear orange vests when hunting/picking up trash on the highway.

When to wear orange. Whatever you do, don’t wear orange on your skin! Fake tans look fake- you know this, don’t you? Just like red, wear orange when you need energy or need to seem energetic. Needless to say, don’t mix orange and black, unless is Halloween. On the other hand, orange and navy look fantastic. Bright orange and white looks very crisp and sleek. Your safest bet would be to pair it with neutrals and if you have darker skin like me, try to avoid a shade that’s too close to your own skin tone.


Riding the heat wave. Because of my olive skin I like to keep orange away from my face so I don’t look washed out. The whole time I’ve been writing this I’ve been craving Cheetos. Anyone else?


Aminta Green

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which it’s loveliness arises” Pedro Calderon de la Barca.


Green at a glance. Green is life. The color of nature, we are surrounded by it (hopefully). Made from blue and yellow, we find this cool color to be very comforting. A color that promotes relaxation (bordering on laziness, so don’t paint your office green),  is a very harmonious and balanced color. It’s also the color of environmental awareness. Green represents health, equilibrium and peace. It also represents wealth (show me the money!) and prosperity.

When to wear green. Just like blue, green is a color no one will find offensive (I’m looking at you, red!). When you’re not sure which color to wear, green will be your best bet. Because green is right in the middle of the color spectrum we consider it to be very balanced, calming and refreshing. Wear green if you want to seem dependable and like you’ve got it together. Just like blue, this is another great color to wear on a interview. Be advised that dark green can be seen as masculine, so balance it with feminine details. I find that green pairs beautifully with gold accessories. Because green represents health, it’s a great color to wear if you’re some sort of healer- surgeons wear green scrubs not only because of this reason, but also because it relieves eye strains, since green is so easy on the eyes. Trust me, you don’t want a surgeon with tired eyes.

Aminta Emerald6

Emerald, color of the year. After the research I’ve done for these posts I’ve decided to incorporate more green into my wardrobe! I insist it looks best when worn with gold accessories!


Aminta Pink

“Pink is the color of passion, because today it just goes with the fashion.” Pink by Aerosmith.


Pink at a glance. If red is the color of sex, pink is the color of love and romance. You know how I feel about love. This warm color is very youthful, feminine and is considered to be quite soothing. If you feel lonely or irritated, pink should provide a quick pick-me-up. Depending on the shade, pink can be a very childish (think of nurseries) or very sexy (think of Victoria’s Secret). Pink is considered to be a very nurturing and tender color, and is not threatening (I’m looking at you again, red!). Men can find too much pink to be emasculating.

When to wear pink. If you wear light pink you will be seen as compassionate and easy to approach. If you wear a darker hue, like fuchsia, people will find you fun and exciting (again, think of the Victoria’s Secret angels, they’re never dull and are always smiling!). For work, a paler pink blouse under a gray blazer will keep you from looking too Barbie-like. For the weekend, or for those of us who work in more creative environments, bright pinks would be so much fun! Like orange, a bright pink and white (think blazer or jeans) will look very modern. If this is too much for you or too “girly” opt for accessories instead: a great pink bag, or a neon belt. You can  always try lipstick and or/nail polish!

Aminta Balloons5

Balloons! If this pale pink were close to my face I would look washed out. Because of my skin tone I look best in brighter colors (the sooner you learn which colors work for you the better off you’ll be). I toughened up this look with the motorcycle leather vest and added the balloons as a fun prop!


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