Color Psychology. Brown, Gray, White.

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Photos by Beto Ramos & CMFoto. Awesome photoshopping by me.


This week has been all about color psychology and why some colors make us feel the way they do. Colors have the power to make us seem incredibly powerful and confident, but they also have the power to make us seem sick and obnoxious. Everyone has a color they look best in, and everyone has a color they must avoid at all cost. You know which is which only by trail and error, or by consulting a color specialist- yes, this is real thing! Don’t forget to click on the links I give you so you can check out the complete outfit posts pictured here!

Aminta Brown“I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colors. I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.” Winston Churchill”

Brown at a glance. The color of earth, brown is associated with all things natural and organic. A warm color, we find brown to be comforting and safe and a great liaison with Mother Earth. Unlike yellow or orange, brown is a serious color and is not considered very sophisticated.

When to wear brown. Brown is a good alternative to black, but not as sophisticated as navy blue.  Brown is not a threatening color, it’s rather down to earth and friendly. It’s a good color to wear to a job interview since it will make you appear grounded, reliable and supportive; you will appear to be genuine and open to communication. On it’s own, brown is not very exciting. Pair it with brighter colors for a chicer look.  Be sure to always have a brown bag and a black pair of shoes in your closet. And no, you don’t always have to wear them at the same time. Try to pick a shade of brown that’s not too close to your skin tone. I’ve seen many a girl wearing tan pants who look like they’re going bottom less *shudders*

Aminta Winter3

Winter Wonderland. Brown fur (real of faux) is a great way to rock brown come wintertime. But do you see what I mean about wearing something too close to your skin tone? From afar I would look naked- and hairy.


Aminta Gray

“Will you love me in the good old fashion way? // When my hair has all turned gray, // Will you kiss me then and say, // That you love me in December as you do in May?” James Walker.

Gray at a glance. As a non-native English speaker I never know if it’s gray or grey. I know one is the British spelling and one is the U.S. spelling, but if I use the wrong one here please don’t hold it against me. Gray is seen as a negative color- something you get in your hair as you grow old; but gray actually has tons of positive properties. For example, did you know gray is the color of intellect and wisdom? This cool, conservative color is considered the color of independence and self-control.

When to wear gray. Gray is an amazing neutral that will work well with virtually any color on the color wheel. It’s another great alternative to black and a great color to wear when you need people to focus on what you’re saying and not how you’re dressed. Gray doesn’t draw too much attention to itself, so if you want a little extra oomph pair it with another color.  This is a great color to wear when you want to look sleek and sophisticated.

Aminta Neon8A pop of neon. I loved these gray pants with the neon stripes. So fun!


Aminta White

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” Coco Chanel.

White at a glance. The color of purity, cleanliness and neutrality. In Western culture we wear white during various moments of our lives: Baptism, First Communion, marriage… White symbolizes new and fresh beginnings, a blank slate, carte blanche. White is a comforting color, but too much can seem too sterile, cold and a bit elitist.

When to wear white. Forget the rule that you can only wear white during the warm months- I say, wear white whenever you feel like it! A staple in every woman’s closet should be a plain white tee, which you can dress up or dress down as needed. A neutral, white goes well with everything- including more white. If you’re getting your picture taken, or are going to be on TV I recommend staying away from this color, since it reflects too much light and it makes you appear wide (yikes!). I love wearing white on a night out because I stand out among all the little black dresses. Remember there are many shades of white, from pure white to cream, but finding the right one for you shouldn’t be too hard. White is another great color you can wear on a job interview because it portrays cleanliness and simplicity.

Aminta Chinatown6

Ni Hao, Chinatown. A great alternative to the classic white tee and denim is a white dress and denim jacket. Jumping optional.

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