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Now that I live in a pretty chic, pretty awesome city it’s time for me to get right down to business. What I write here is for you, to (hopefully) help you find your inner fashionista. If you love me, and I know some of you do because my site’s statistics tell me so, please help me make this blog better by doing one (or all) of the following:


1. Like my new Facebook page; share with your friends.

2. Follow me on Twitter; share with your friends. I promise you to NEVER tell you that I’m getting french fries, or that the train is running late. I promise to Tweet only about fashion-related topics; unless something really cool happens to me.

3. Follow me on Bloglovin. This is the easiest way to find out when I’ve posted and you can also follow your other favorite blogs. I’m currently following 29 blogs! Yeah, I have a proble; I’m addicted to fashion.

4. Comment on my posts. How else am I supposed to know you’re reading it?

5. Share this page with your friend; is not like is a secret, ya know?

6. Email me at and let me know what you think!


Thank you all! Please let me know you’re listening/reading so I don’t get discouraged! Tell me what you want me to write about because, like I said, this is for YOU!


Have a great weekend! If you’re around NYC and want to meet up for drinks and fashion talk let me know! I’m looking to do some test shots, so if you’re a model, photographer or hair/makeup stylist I really want to hear from you!


Richard Burbridge and Joann Blades for Vogue Italia

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