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I love Sex and the City just like the next girl. One of my favorite quotes, and one I shall never ever forget (especially since moving to New York) is by Samantha Jones, who said: “I don’t do boroughs.” I’m pretty sure I’ve told you this many, many times before. I like to stay in my little island since I have everything I could possibly need and more. However, this week I headed across the East River to Brooklyn, more specifically  Williamsburg (ugh) for a fun project, which you’ll see later this week.

You had already seen my red Converse here, but I hadn’t actually shown you them in an outfit. Actually, more than the Converse, this whole look is centered on my awesome new “C’est La Vie” sweater from Forever 21. Can this sweater get any Frencher? Maybe if I hold a baguette under my arm. Ah crap, I have a beret (you’ve seen it here), why didn’t I wear it? Another exciting thing I wanted to share with you are my super duper awesome Mercura NYC sunglasses. These are my very first pair of designer sunnies and I’m honored to be rocking the same designers who are responsible for making celebs like Lady GaGa and Rihanna look mad hot. Now you can add me to the list of ladies rocking Mercura NYC. How does this sound?: GaGa, RiRi, AMiNta. Love it!

You’re used to seeing me in heels, but how do you like my Converse? Yay or nay?

Aminta LaVie12When I get married I will demand a rock this big

Aminta LaVie6How do you like my red socks with lil’ hearts?

Aminta LaVie14

Aminta LaVie16Love these so much! You’re going to be seeing a lot more of them!

Aminta LaVie17The only good thing about coming to Brooklyn is the view of Manhattan. Oh, and the food. The food’s pretty good.

Aminta LaVie9Come hither

Aminta LaVie7

Aminta LaVie8

Aminta LaVie3

Aminta LaVie11

Aminta LaVie15

Aminta LaVie2I love Manhattan so much sometimes I try to have sex with the Empire State

Aminta LaVie18


Red coat: Forever 21 

C’est la vie sweater: Forever 21

Jeans (last seen here): Old Navy

Necklace and earrings (last seen here): Wholesaler 

Heart socks: Forever 21

Sneakers: Converse 

Right hand. Heart bracelet: Present from my friend Marianna. 

Mustache ring (last seen here): Wholesaler 

Left hand: Ring  (last seen here): Either H&M or Forever 21. Can’t remember! 

Bangle (last seen here): Natasha, Dillard’s

Spike bracelet (last seen here): Wholesaler 



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  4. Laura

    March 19, 2013 at 7:32 PM

    How the heck are you still that flexible?! I’m jealous. And your outfit is adorable BTW.

  5. Carla

    March 18, 2013 at 5:42 PM

    Always love your pictures so much! And yes… definitely the best part about the boroughs is the view of Manhattan. You should make another exception and visit borough 6! – Carla

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