Black Party Dress- during the daytime

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Black Party Dress

Yes yes, this is technically a black party dress, but when I get dressed, I don’t like to play by the rules. If I feel comfortable wearing it, I’m going to wear it. At the beginning of summer I cleaned out my closet and headed down to my neighborhood thrift store- only 100 blocks down of my apartment, you know…) and sold some pretty things I no longer had any need for. In return, I got almost $100 in store credit- and I went to town. I wasn’t sure about this dress, the temperatures were rising and I would have no need for anything long-sleeve (even if it’s mesh) for months. Still, knowing that winter in NYC lasts about eight months, I decided to go ahead and spent $27 on this LBD.

I’m sure I will get to use it a lot this season, but before it got too cold for me to shoot outside, I decided to wear it as a day-time look in Randall’s Island. BTW, if you’re ever in New York Randall’s Island is a MUST. Even though it’s a separate island, it’s still part of the borough of Manhattan, and easy to get to using public transportation, or even walking.

You just saw these thigh-high socks last week, but I like what I like, so sue me! You’ve also seen these black Chinese Laundry booties again and again, but I think they are just the perfect shoe- and my favorite pair at that! They’re simple enough to go with everything, sleek enough to look modern, and comfortable enough that I can stand for hours without wanting to weep. They unfortunately don’t make them anymore, but here’s a similar bootie by Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry. I just added these to my 2014 wish list!

Black Party Dress3Josorio Photo

Black Party Dress6

Black Party Dress7

Black Party Dress9

Black party Dress2

Black Party Dress8

Black Party Dress4

Black Party Dress10

Black Party Dress
Dress: Thrifted 

Denim Jacket (last seen here): Forever 21

Booties (last seen here): Chinese Laundry

Necklace: Windsor

Glasses (last seen here): Beya

Need to see another black party dress?

AmintaThe Black Feather Dress

Aminta018Aminta for Mobella

Aminta Black and White3.jpgThe Bowery Mural

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