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Barack Obama Sworn In As U.S. President For A Second


NOTE: I wanted to post this last Friday, but I thought you’d much rather see the Pantene Pro-V backstage photos. If you live in the United States chances are you saw this week’s presidential inauguration (don’t even get me started on the Venezuelan inauguration. I didn’t watch it on purpose; what a sham!). Sure, Obama will be with us for four more years, but let’s talk about what was really important about Monday’s event: Beyoncé was just fabulous in her Emilio Pucci frock. My roommate Raisa (you know her, she takes my pics sometimes) posted this link on Facebook and then our friend Maya suggested I do a post on her so here it is. You know I like to spoil you and give you what you want! So here are some fashion-commentary-worthy Beyoncé fashion moments!

There is one degree of separation between Beyoncé and I. I have met her stylist, Ty, once when he came to FIT to talk to us a bit about working with celebrities and staying humble. Later that year, I was walking down 7th Avenue (also known as Fashion Avenue) when I see this black Escalade pull over. A tall, black man emerges from the car and I thought: “Wow, that looks a lot like Jay-Z.” It was, in fact, Mr. Jay-Z. I smiled, waved and he waved back. I’ve never been star struck (and besides Empire State of Mind and can’t really say I know any songs by him) so I was about to continue my merry way when I thought, “but when am I ever going to get another chance to take a pic with Jay-Z and make everyone who does like him jealous?” I backed up a little and asked him if we could take a picture together. He patted me in the shoulder (he is reeeeally tall) and said very nicely: “nah, I can’t do that.” The nerve! Haha. Still, I wasn’t mad, he was very kind. He was going into a building and people were saying hi and he was shaking hands. So I liked him, he was pleasant. Very much unlike some of the other celebs I’ve known.

So there, B and I are practically BFFs! :)


Oh dear, this is not so good. I won’t hold this against Beyoncé, we were all crazy in the 90s. The important thing is that her fashion sense has obviously evolved.

Meow! Mami! I wanna touch that booty- I mean, velvet. Love that the hair is kinda up, but down. Genius! Just genius, I tell ya!

A little too human disco ball, no? Gold sequins are one thing, but silver…especially THIS much silver…all over? It’s not working for me. I’m ignoring the luggage lock in her chastity belt.

B in 2007. Girl, if you got it, flaunt it! Beyoncé looks just as good as a brunette as she does as a blond. Not fair.

Nobody can rock an old couch the way Beyoncé does. Nobody. I just wish she were wearing earrings. Beyoncé, Y U NO WEAR EARRINGS?

2009. Noooo! What is this? I don’t even- no, just no.

The caption for this photo read: “Beyonce Shopping in Paris.” First of all, whoa, that dude’s huge. Second, Beyoncé not only you are out in public wearing flip flops, but you’re out in public wearing flip flops in PARIS! PAH-REESE! This is why Frenchers hate Americans. Come on! You’re an inspiration for millions of young women around the globe AND you’re a millionare. Get shoes that don’t make noise when you walk. We’re no longer friends. I’m taking you off speed dial.

May 2012. Post baby. This woman is HOT! This is the right way to rock silver sequins. Please notice you can only wear a similar ensemble if you’re 1. A multi million dollar artist/performer 2. An ice skater 3. A drag queen.

Awwww. Such a tender moment between beautiful B and that tall man she married, he has that song, “Yeah I’m out that Brooklyn…” This looks like a very casual, yet put together look. Love the printed pants, I have some similar ones myself, with the black top. Don’t know if she wore the hat and sunnies to remain anonymous or just ’cause she didn’t want to bother to do her hair and makeup. Perhaps she didn’t even shower that day, but she still looks fab! Again- no earrings? I’m starting to think she probably wears so many and such heavy ones her ears get infected and hurt. I feel her. That happens to me at least once a year.


At the 2012 Met Gala. Ooouuu mamasita! Doesn’t get any more bootylicious than this! B rocked a sheer, embroidered, feathered ombré Givenchy Haute Couture gown and the world was never the same after that.



People magazine named B the most beautiful woman of 2012. No matter what she wears her face always looks stunning- even without makeup. Not. Fair. So what if she makes the occasional fashion faux pas every once in a while, we all know next time B is going to wow us with her looks and charm!

What can we learn from Beyonce? Beyonce knows her body and knows how to flaunt it. As a pear shape she knows is good to balance wide hips with a dramatic shoulder or a dramatic dress train. Mermaid style dresses really flatter this type of body. Even I learned something today!

Are you a fan of Beyoncé? Do you like her style?

And now, I asked my friend and Beyoncé lover/connoisseur Chris (who wrote one of my fave reads of 2012 as a Californian living in New York) to recommend some videos for us. Here’s what he came up with!



  1. Ileana

    January 29, 2013 at 5:54 PM

    This post is great! I really like the link you posted, it is sooo funny!!! Love the ear piece one and the chuck schumer one haha! too funny :D I actually kinda like the dress she wore in the obsessed premiere ^^
    I cant believe you wear so many legging and tights!!! the tight over tight one is a great idea! WIll try it :)
    I remember some venezuelan girls I met in Argentina, that wore long sleeves in summer O.O
    And now I realize I could write to you in spanish! :D
    Im following you on bloglovin ^^

  2. Laura

    January 29, 2013 at 12:42 PM

    Love her, love this post. Nicely done Aminta.

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