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You already saw yesterday’s post (hopefully) about the highlights of my personal year, now I’d like to share with you the highlights of the blog. Even though I started blogging in 2010 the blog didn’t really reach this stage until this summer. I started blogging daily and the most important thing, is that I met Beto. Beto is the man behind the lens, he’s the one who makes all the magic happen. Before Beto I used to take my pictures myself with a tripod, and then I used to ask my roommate Raisa to do it. But there’s just something about fancy camera equipment and a trained eye… What do you think of these posts below? Do you have any favorite looks? Be sure to click on the links to see the rest of the pics!

I wish you all a fun-filled night and may you make 2013 your bitch! Remember I’m on vacay, trying very hard to avoid tan lines and without Internet. See you next year!



Riding the Heat Wave.jpgRiding the Heat Wave
We had a hot summer in NYC. I love these pics, taken by Raisa, because this is when people started getting interested in my personal style 
betoramos-4031New York is the Thing that Deformed Me
This is part of a New York is… series. This was the first outdoor shoot Beto and I ever did
Aminta-Love-Stories-Suck5.jpgLove Stories Suck
Other pics taken by Raisa in SoHo. She was a little mad because she said I wasn’t taking the shoot seriously. I think the pictures came out great. I do my best work when I’m being silly
Aminta After the Rain.jpgAfter the Rain
I’m not sure if I like the pictures themselves or just all the colors. I love this jacket!

Louboutin in the City – The Red Shoes
This was out first video! If you haven’t seen it it’s a must! There’s also an outfit post here!
Aminta Louboutin Ferragamo17.jpgLouboutin Meets Ferragamo
My friend Jose and I took these pics very early in the morning, while the Metropolitan Museum of Art was still deserted. So dreamy
 Aminta Balloons2Balloons
I love shoots where we use props, even if I hurt myself 
Aminta Peacock2I’m Not Naked – I’m Wearing Peacock
Beautiful dress, beautiful shoes, beautiful movement
Aminta CR7Charlotte Russe + StyleSays! 
Love the dress, love the tights, love the flying presents!
Aminta Converse5Red Converse
I love these pics ’cause I don’t have any like them! I also love my red Converse


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  3. Inez

    January 1, 2013 at 4:51 PM

    I love that last photo. It’s fierce and fun at the same time. Cute looks. Very cute.

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