Behind the Scenes with Shopaholics on Call

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Aminta Shopaholics Backstage2

As you know, I filmed a few segments of a really cute shopping/style show called Shopaholics on Call with Yahoo de Moda, through Prime Content Media. The days spent filming Shopaholics were some of my faves of the year, because I got to hang out with really awesome and talented people, and I got to do what I love- talk fashion! Many thanks to José from Josorio Foto for visiting us during our last shoot and capturing some behind the scene moments!

I moved to New York City to be a fashion stylist, meaning I borrow clothes to put on models for fashion magazines. Normally, I’m the one on the floor putting on shoes, so I really enjoy the opportunity to be on the other side of the table, letting other people make me look and feel ah-mazing! I have to give many many special thanks to Krystle, the stylist, with whom I’ve worked so much for Shopaholics. I’ve actually learned a lot about styling just by watching her work. She has made me try on looks I would never pick for myself, and I always end up loving them. More thanks to Trina, who discovered me at a Cosmo For Latinas luncheon and invited me to host Shopaholics. To David, a rock star producer and awesome host. And last but not least, Anthony and Paul, who are just hilarious to work with, and who have taught me the Brooklyn accent: “Get outta here!”

If you want to see all of the episodes, be sure to check the Shopaholics on Call tab on top of the blog!

Aminta Shopaholics Backstage3We used to shoot in my bedroom, until we moved to this beautiful, sun-filled studio
Aminta Shopaholics Backstage4This time around, Christie Caiola was in charged on hair and makeup. How fab are my curls?

Aminta Shopaholics Backstage5

Aminta Shopaholics Backstage6Racks on racks on racks of shoes
Aminta Shopaholics Backstage7Having a diva moment
Aminta Shopaholics Backstage8This is from this episode

Aminta Shopaholics Backstage9

Aminta Shopaholics Backstage10Krystle De Mauro is a rockstar stylist!

Aminta Shopaholics Backstage11

Aminta Shopaholics Backstage12

Aminta Shopaholics Backstage14Anthony is my fave camera man, and I’m sorry I couldn’t get Paul in the shot as well, my fave sound guy!

Aminta Shopaholics Backstage15

Aminta Shopaholics Backstage16

Aminta Shopaholics Backstage17This is from this episode

Shopaholics on Call

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