Avoiding a picture faux pas

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Camera lights have a knack for showing things you wouldn’t normally see. Remember the infamous pictures of Nicole Kidman with white powder on her face? Bless her. Next time you leave your house wearing something new do yourself a favor: snap a picture!

Case in point, I wore a purple sequined top I had a feeling was see-through. Instinctively, I wore a nude bra, and I was almost out the door when I decided to take a picture, just in case. Well, the bra looked as shiny as the sequins! I changed into a black bra and even though it still showed it wasn’t as: “Hello! Here’s my underwear!” as the nude one was. That night I took 92 pictures, and to think all of them could have been ruined by an obnoxious bra!

So smile, make a silly face, and take your picture. Like I always say: es mejor prevenir que lamentar; is better to prevent than to lament!


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