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Remember my first round of pictures with Noka Posh? A new, gorgeous dancewear line that you can either rock during a performance or out clubbing. I promised you a part dos, and here it is! A conversation with Tatjana Sladojevic, designer and chick-in-charge at Noka Posh . Tatjana is the person responsible for teaching me how to use a sewing machine. As it turns out, using a sewing machine is not as simple as pressing a button and quickly making a gown. Darn you, Project Runway, for lying to me! She also helped me make my very first garment: pajama shorts! I still have them, to this day! With her help, I was also able to make a blue dress for my God-daughter’s baptism, which got me lots of compliments. Tatjana has been kind enough to invite me into her home a few times, and she always tries to feed me- even when I don’t want to eat! Haha. Her husband, Mike, and son Novak are both very lovely and fun. That’s why I’m very happy to be able to share her first of many collections with you! I’m glad we’ve stayed in touch after all this time and all this distance between us. So without further ado, meet Tatjana!

When did you first get involved with fashion?

I was very young, around five years old when I started sewing. My mom used to sew in her free time, making garments and accessories was her hobby. I eagerly observed what she was doing, then asked her to help me cut and sew my own pieces. Soon after I had my own equipment and pretty much took over the sewing space. I was also very interested in the arts in general. So, very early I fell In love with creating garments and textiles and never stopped doing it. I finished design school later on and have been creating ever since. There was never really a question for me as to what I would be doing when I grew up.

What inspires your designs?

My biggest inspiration is dance, and movement in general.

I love creating garments that enhance and flatter the female form, with the ultimate goal of reinforcing a woman’s confidence level, increased motivation and inspiring more movement. I believe, the way you dress is a key component to how you present yourself.

So, my biggest inspiration and goal is to inspire confidence and movement. The way my garments are constructed, once they are on your body, you will be forced to stand with a proper posture, which immediately triggers happy hormones in your brain. Our mind and body are well connected and it all starts with how you hold your frame.

When did you start dancing, and what kind of dance do you do?

I had done some dancing in the past, I was a gymnast for a long time growing up, and was always engaged in some type of activity of this kind.

However, I started dancing ballroom couple of years ago.

I was going thru some difficult times after losing my mother and felt like I needed to engage regularly into something positive that was also one of my passions.

What can we expect from Noka Posh this year?

We just launched two months ago and are already arranged to be present in eight stores. Our goal is to get in as many stores as possible, and continue working hard on building our brand and getting our message out.

Any advice for my readers? About fashion, or about life in general.

I would say, first follow your own personal style, then incorporate trends into it. Choose styles that make you feel yourself, but at the same time give you a little bit of an attitude. You need to feel comfortable, but also confident in your clothes. It is all about the attitude and how you carry your self.

And as far as advise about life in general: Hm…Don’t take everything too seriously. And never miss a chance to dance!

Aminta NokaPosh3.jpgThis blue dress (called Salsa Flow) is everything! How stunning in this color?

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Aminta NokaPosh2.jpg

Aminta Noka Posh7.jpg

Aminta Noka Posh.jpgIf I had a red flower in my head, this would be the most Latina I’ve ever looked. ARRIBA!

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Noka Posh. Part 1.

Aminta NokaPosh5.jpg


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