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As promised, I wanted to tell you more about the handbag brand 3seven&8. I used one of their fab bags a couple of weeks ago in this post, and I’m rocking a different bag today! Here are some questions, answered by 3seven&8’s designer, Christopher Belt.

1. When did you get involved in fashion?

Growing up I always loved to alter garments or decorate them with paint or embellishments. I’ve always been involved in the arts, more specifically than fashion.  As a child I found almost anything could be used as a medium.  I discovered what is so special about garments and accessories is that you can express yourself with what you put on your body.  When I was 16 years old I created and sold custom shoes for girls that I went to school with by purchasing different shoes that already fit them at the mall and enveloping them with carefully sculpted materials from soda cans. Each girl wanted a different brand of soda for her custom shoes to let the world know, for example, that she was Diet Cherry Coke.

2. What inspires your designs?

The entire collection focuses on the architecture of Antoni Gaudi.  In general my work consists of effeminate yet clean lines.  I have always been inspired by Art Nouveau fine art and architecture.  For Elisabeta and Lorenza I took the weaving
details from the Gaudi House’s balconies.  If you look at the building you notice beautiful twisted columns on the safety ledges.

3. What’s behind the name 3seven&8?

Our offices are located at West 37th Street and 8th Avenue, in the iconic Garment District of Manhattan.

4. Can you explain why you picked women’s names for your bags?

The collection is inspired by all of the brilliant and driven women in my life who have always longed for a product that epitomizes both empowerment and glamour. I named all of the bags after my best female friends and family members who have supported my fashion career all of these years and inspired me to keep going.  Because my inspiration was Gaudi Architecture I converted all of their names to Spanish and in a few cases French.

5. Do you have any words of advice, fashion or otherwise, for my readers?

This collection is for the woman who lives for handbags.  That is why there is so much focus on offering luxury materials and details at a fair price. Our girl could be a wealthy woman who owns the entire collection or she could be the average woman who buys a piece every season.  Either way her look will always be luxurious, mattering not if she is in a ball gown, a suit or jeans and a t-shirt. This is why our bags are a fantastic investment

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Handbag: 3seven&8

Dress: MSK Collection


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