African Queen

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Photos by Beto Ramos


I have no idea what is look is. Seriously–whaaa!? I knew I wanted to shoot this skirt, which you’ve seen before here. I also knew I wanted to shoot it with a cropped top. Only available at the moment was this leopard bandeau bra, and from there I got the idea of doing an African Queen theme (Cue music: “You are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams…so black, so beautiful. I love you, I love you, I love you…”).

We shot these at Pier Park, in the Chelsea piers, at dusk. We started doing regular pictures, but then I just felt like dancing and being silly (I love dancing! a day I do not dance it’s a day I’ve wasted!) and these crazy pictures started showing up! I LOVE THEM! These are my “favoritests” pictures I’ve ever shown you. I’m thinking I want to have at least one or two pictures like this in every outfit post. How would you like that?


Bandeau bra top, Tally Weijl.

Lace maxi skirt, d’closet at Necessary Clothing.

Belt, vintage (from my mom’s closet).

Sandals, Nature Breeze.

Necklace, Aldo.

Bangles, Natasha at Dillard’sForever 21 and wholesalers.

Ring, Alexis Bittar.


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