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Hello lovelies! Here is yet another item I got last year during Black Friday that I hadn’t had a chance to show you yet. These jeans were originally $80 at Express, but I got them for only $9.99! Do you see why I absolutely love Black Friday? I’m not a big fan of light-wash jeans, but I couldn’t resist the neon stripes on the side! Now, my friends usually tease me because apparently I have some trouble differentiating colors, but I’m going to say this is neon green? I added this matching neon green necklace (or is it yellow?) because just two neon stripes in an outfit is not enough for me! I’m also excited to show you this cape I got during a Shoptiques event (remember Shoptiques? They did a little piece on me a while back. Read it here!). It’s not really good for anything except as an adornment , but that’s good enough for me! I love, love,  love it. Every time I wear it I feel like a superhero. So far I’ve only worn it over long-sleeve shirts, but I can’t wait to play with it some more this summer. To infinity and beyond! Be sure to get yours here.

Aminta Neon6

Aminta Neon4

Aminta Neon5

Aminta Neon7

Aminta Neon2

Aminta Neon3

Aminta Neon1Hola

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Aminta Neon11


Jeans: Express 

Shirt (last seen here): Uniqlo

Cape: Nu at Shoptiques 

Shoes (last seen here): Charlotte Russe

Sunglasses: Cynthia Rowley 

Left hand. Bracelets: Body Central and Natasha at Dillard’s

Rings: H&M and Arrows n Hearts.

Right hand: Bracelet: Jewelry wholesaler

Ring: Wholesaler

More neon!

Aminta Neon Dress2The neon dress!


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