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Aminta Sequin Pants1

I love me some sequin pants, but I also love that I can show you some pictures I shot while down in Tampa, with photographer Cristina Pena. This time around, I also got the chance to work with makeup artist Kristy Gamez, who gave me a flirty cat eye and sultry red lips.

The first look we shot was a more feminine one, while this one is definitely more manly. I bet guys secretly wish they could wear sequin tuxedo pants. When I put on this outfit I felt like I couldn’t be my usual self, I had to be more masculine, from the way I sat, to the way I looked at the camera. I had already shot a masculine look before, Playboy, and I have to say I really enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and posing in a more masculine way- but only for an hour or two!

How awesome are these sequin pants? I bought them right before my trip, but I wasn’t sure I would be keeping them. I took them home to see what other items in my closet I could pair them with, and after trying them on with a few different tops, I know they were meant to be. I got them on sale at Topshop, so you won’t find them there anymore. However, I found a similar pair for only $26 right here.

I’m very happy with the way these first round of pictures came out- I can’t wait to show you the rest!

Sequin Pants

Aminta Iriarte

Aminta Sequin Pants4

Sequin tuxedo pants

Aminta Sequin Pants2

Aminta Sequin Pants7

Aminta Sequin Pants1

Aminta Sequin Pants8

Aminta Sequin Pants5

Sequin pants: Topshop 

Top (last seen here): courtesy of Lulu’s 

Blazer (last seen here): H&M

Shoes: gojane.com

Cuff: Alexis Bittar

More sequin looks!


Aminta-Glitter-Dress-Streetstyle-3I’m so fabulous I sweat glitter

Aminta Day and Night15These boots are made for walking

Shop the look!


  1. GlassesShop

    February 23, 2017 at 2:56 AM

    Fantastico look!!

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